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Urban Resort in Milan

What makes the Palazzo Cornalia one of the most sought-after design Hotels in Milan?  Without doubt, the perfect union between elegance, style and art which is a constant theme throughout the Hotel that is combined with a visionary and imaginative feeling.

And above all, the Hotel’s ability to offer every guest a unique experience that is unrepeatable and completely original precisely because of these very special and specific characteristics.

Staying at the Palazzo Cornalia in Milan isn’t just staying in a Hotel for the night.  It means, first of all, undertaking a journey that is steeped in art and aesthetics where you yourself will feel like an integral part of another world that is cultured, intimate and refined.  It means that after your stay, you will be able to talk about a one-off experience of its kind.



The Palazzo Cornalia is able to capture your attention from the first moment.  Already from the initial moments of your stay, you will be delighted by the works of art, the surprising use of materials such as marble, brass and different fabrics, the attention to detail, to the way in which the furnishings and accessories fill the hotel’s rooms enhancing them and infusing them with a completely novel feel.

You will feel pampered, as if you were enveloped in a refuge that is nestled in the heart of this great metropolis.  Because the Palazzo Cornalia is a true urban resort in the centre of Milan – a small and yet large microcosm in the centre of this large commercial city, a new world that is different from everything that lies outside it, somewhere that you can rediscover your true self.